If you are a distance runner (sprinters are more akin to power athletes) or other type of endurance athlete, anabolic substances in general have little to directly offer you.
Although, in theory, it would seem that anabolic substances could enhance aerobic and endurance capacity through their effects on oxygen transport mechanisms by way of their interactions with cardiac muscle, red cell production, glycogen storage and metabolism, studies to date, of which we are aware, do not bear this out.
The evidence in support of any benefit to endurance athletes is not compelling.
In fact, there may be a downside from the increased body weight that frequently accompanies the use of anabolic substances. The increased body mass could be disadvantageous to an athlete whose sport involves propelling that mass for prolonged periods of time.
Besides the fact that The Anabolic Clinic sm will not treat athletes solely to enhance athletic performance, i.e., you must have a medical indication for anabolic substances, as a word of caution, in general, you might want to think twice before seeking anabolic substances in the hopes of becoming better at your sport.
This is what we offer you.
If you are an endurance athlete and taking anabolic substances
It is likely that you are using a number of substances in order to enhance your training results.
Associated with these substances are a number of possible health consequences.
At The Anabolic Clinic sm we are willing to monitor you, non-judgmentally, but will not assist you in obtaining the anabolic or other performance-enhancing substances you use.
Our position is that you should have access to a place where your well-being can be tracked so should a problem occur, you will have a chance for it to be discovered sooner instead of later.
If you are an endurance athlete and considering using anabolic substances
It is possible that you are unaware of the complications of some of these substances and the data suggesting the minimal value they apparently offer to endurance athletes.
We advise against their use in this setting and will not provide advisory services.
If you are receiving treatment at The Anabolic Clinic sm and are interested in endurance training
No matter the level of your interest, i.e., recreational, serious amateur or competitor, we will try to assist you.
This is the same commitment we make to all of our clients who are interested in training.