1. Are anabolic substances illegal?
No. Nothing could be further from the truth.
First synthesized in 1935, anabolic substances have been legal to use for around 75 years - longer than just about any other medications.
As early as the 1940s, the value of anabolic substances in treating heart and other diseases was recognized - and even appeared in the popular literature!
Anabolic substances were regularly and successfully used to treat osteoporosis.
There are many other conditions in which anabolic substances have been used successfully for treatment.
2. Are anabolic substances dangerous?
Anabolic substances, used properly, are arguably safer than acetaminophen, an over-the-counter medication for adults and children, sold under various trade names, e.g., Tylenol ®.
Any medication can be dangerous, especially when used improperly.
3. How soon after starting an Anabolic Medicine sm program will I experience results?
Shortly. Generally within days. Sometimes it may take a few weeks. Everybody is different.
Improvements in mood and libido are usually sensed first.
Body composition changes will take longer. It is possible to hasten these changes by engaging in a training program.
Some changes you will not feel, but they will be occurring. For example, increased bone mass is a usual result but you will not be able to sense this.
4. For how long should I continue my Anabolic Medicine sm program?
That is your choice. You will continue to benefit from Anabolic Medicine sm for as long as you remain on your program. If you quit, the benefits will fade.
For some changes, e.g., increased bone mass, the peak effect takes about 2 years.
5. When should I start my Anabolic Medicine sm program?
In general, by age 40. There are reasons to  start earlier.
Beginning around age 30, the body naturally decreases its production of anabolic substances.
If you are overweight or obese, the process of anabolic loss will likely be accelerated and the consequences may manifest earlier. You might want to consider starting before age 40.
A family history of certain conditions, e.g., heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, prostate cancer, are also reasons to consider beginning your Anabolic Medicine sm program before age 40.
If you are a woman and intending to have children, it is possible to start your Anabolic Medicine sm program, stop to have kids and then resume. If this is your inclination, a consultation with Dr. Applebaum is in order as there are good reasons to wait until you decide to stop having children before starting your Anabolic Medicine sm program, which could be after age 40. As with all things health care, you should be informed before you make a decision.
6. I want to speak with Dr. Applebaum before committing to becoming a client of The Anabolic Clinic, SC. How do I do that?
Just call and schedule the consultation. A portion of the consultation fee will be applied towards you Anabolic Medicine sm program when you become a client.
7. Why did Dr. Applebaum pioneer the field of Anabolic Medicine sm?
Fit people are generally healthier and more participatory in life. Dr. Applebaum believes that a role of medicine is to facilitate participation in life. This includes remaining independent for as long as possible.
At his fitness consulting firm, FitnessMed, Inc., he says that “Fitness is the only REAL preventive medicine sm” and “Health is a function of participation. Participation is a function of
After a certain age, becoming or maintaining fitness is virtually impossible without the benefit of anabolic substances. The Anabolic Clinic, SC and Anabolic Medicine sm are the extensions of these concepts to the field of medicine.
By helping people become or maintain their normal anabolic state, catabolic illnesses can be prevented or delayed.
Also, since almost all chronic illnesses are catabolic, if one develops a chronic disease, in order to completely treat it a person has to be anabolic to undo the catabolic damage from the condition.
8. How old is too old for Anabolic Medicine sm to help?
There is no upper limit. Anabolic Medicine sm can benefit just about anyone age 30 and above. However, the older you are when you start, the more decline your body and mind are likely to have suffered.
9. Will the anabolic substances prescribed by Dr. Applebaum interfere with my current medications?
They should not.
If there is any interaction, the overwhelming likelihood is that you will either require LESS of your current medication or that you will be able to DISCONTINUE your current medication.
10. Will Dr. Applebaum become my primary care physician?
No. Dr. Applebaum concentrates his clinical practice in the field of Anabolic Medicine sm.
He is happy to communicate with the other physicians caring for you.
11. What can Anabolic Medicine sm do for me?
The following is from Anabolic Therapy in Modern Medicine, by William N. Taylor, MD, pp. 22-23. It is a summary and does not cover all that Anabolic Medicine sm has to offer:
Increases libido and sexual function
Increases energy level, elevates mood and improves self-esteem
Improves lipid and lipoprotein profiles that reduces risks for cardiovascular disease including heart attack
Enhances fibrinolysis that reduces risks for thromboembolic events and disease including stroke
Improves modulation of the neuroimmune system
Improves anemic conditions by elevating hemoglobin and hematocrit concentrations
Stimulates osteoblasts to improve bone mineral and osteoporosis treatment
Improves angina and improves exercise tolerance
Improves insulin sensitivity and reduces insulin requirements in acquired diabetic states
Decreases risks for and has beneficial effects in autoimmune diseases by modulating pathogenic cytokine profiles
Provides neuroprotective and neuroregenerative potentials
Improves cognition and reflex responses
Improves vasomotor symptoms in menopausal and postmenopausal women
Improves rehabilitation outcomes and hastens recovery from a variety of conditions
Counteracts the catabolic effects of corticosteroid therapy and reduces corticosteroid requirement for patients undergoing corticosteroid therapy
Provides other anabolic and anti-aging effects
As to the last point, at The Anabolic Clinic, SC, we do not promote Anabolic Medicine sm as “anti-aging” therapy, though some people consider some of their “effects” to be “anti-aging.”
By virtue of being alive, you will continue to age.